Our Process in Action: How A_IT. Helped a Non-Profit Health Organization Face Its Internal It Challenges

Our Process in Action: How A_IT. Helped a Non-Profit Health Organization Face Its Internal It Challenges

September 20, 2021

A large healthcare organization based in White Plains, NY, having managed an internal IT department for many years, engaged ANATOMY_IT. because it had the following challenges:

IT Risk/HIPAA Compliance. While their internal team was very talented, the complexities of cybersecurity, along with adhering to all of the HIPAA regulatory requirements, were becoming too challenging to continue to manage internally. They didn’t have visibility into where their risks were.

Turnover and Limited Resources. If their small internal IT department experienced turnover, the business would be in trouble. The company was extremely dependent on a limited group of employees and any turnover slowed them down. Any unexpected IT challenges added stress.

Deteriorating Skills. The internal IT department was only able to work with the technology that they were already familiar with. Keeping their skills current was a challenge.


ANATOMY_IT. became the support and backbone the healthcare company needed. We hired their internal IT employees to become a part of our team. This allowed the company to leverage ANATOMY_IT.’s dedicated cybersecurity team to manage all of its cybersecurity needs, including HIPAA compliance.

Business Continuity. As a result, this healthcare company ensured support continuity by keeping the internal IT team intact while they broadened their technical skills and received competitive compensation.

Institutional Knowledge. ANATOMY_IT. documented all IT knowledge so that turnover risk no longer produced a threat. We are able to reallocate responsibilities or help backfill positions with limited to no disruption.

Resources. Since IT is our core competency, our cutting-edge tools and talent provide benefits to our clients far beyond what small or mid-size companies like this company can replicate internally. One of our seasoned Chief and Information Officers was able to work directly with their executive team and professionally lead the IT department.