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HIPAA Tip: Microsoft End of Support 2023

In order to maintain HIPAA compliance organizations must implement procedures to detect and prevent malicious software from invading the environment and causing a security incident or worse a breach (HIPAA Security Rule § 164.308 (a)(5)(ii)(B)). If you are using software that Microsoft no longer supports you will not meet HIPAA requirements and are leaving the […]


HIPAA Tip: The Importance of a Risk Analysis

Many businesses and organizations today move at such a rapid pace they can be unknowingly putting themselves at risk for cyber attacks, data breaches, and other unwanted intrusions. Conducting a risk analysis is a practice that allows an organization to identify and assess any potential (risk) factors that may cripple the organization. The Department of […]


HIPAA Tip: HIPAA Organizations & Terms

Understanding the HIPAA Rule and HIPAA compliance starts with knowing the organizations that support HIPAA and basic terminology associated with HIPAA. Below is a list of important terms and organizations that are relevant and very helpful when educating oneself on HIPAA compliance. PHI: Protected Health Information, also referred to as personal health information, is all […]


HIPAA Tip: Physical Safeguards

Physical safeguards are measures, policies, and procedures intended to protect a Covered Entity or Business Associate’s building, equipment, and information systems from unauthorized intrusion as well as natural and environmental hazards. Compliance with these HIPAA safeguards not only involves securing buildings and controlling access to buildings, but also validating the identity of anyone with access […]


HIPAA Tip: Encryption

Per the HIPAA Security Rule encryption software must meet minimum requirements relevant to the state of that information, whether it is “at rest” or “in transit”. When data is “at rest”, it is stored in a digital medium such as a server hard drive, workstation hard drive or within an electronic medical records system. Data […]


HIPAA Tip: Cybersecurity Awareness

How can you stay Cybersecurity aware? There are many ways to keep your organization on top of best practices when it comes to cybersecurity without breaking the bank or making it complicated. Remember this is not rocket science or brain surgery! Our world is increasingly digital and interconnected. In order to keep systems and organizations’ […]


HIPAA Tip: Steps to Ward off Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is a type of malware that blocks access to a system, device, or file until a ransom is paid. This is done by encrypting files on the endpoint, threatening to erase files, or blocking system access. Center for Internet Security or CIS has: 7 Steps to Help Prevent & Limit the Impact of Ransomware […]


Why It’s Time to Start Thinking About Cyber Liability Insurance

With the end of the year quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about cyber liability insurance again. Whether you’re renewing a current policy or purchasing your first cyber liability coverage, it’s important to know what the insurance providers will be looking for. We have helped hundreds of our clients with their applications this year, […]


HIPAA Tip: Technical Safeguards

The Security Rule defines technical safeguards in § 164.304 as “the technology and the policy and procedures for its use that protect electronic protected health information and control access to it.” The Security Rule does not require specific technology solutions. There are many technical security tools, products, and solutions available to Covered Entities and Business […]


Frank Forte Joins ANATOMY_IT. as Chief Executive Officer

As a leading healthcare-focused managed IT and cybersecurity services firm, ANATOMY_IT. is always looking for ways to improve the services we offer our clients. We’re happy to announce the appointment of Frank Forte as our new Chief Executive Officer.  “We are fortunate to have someone of Frank Forte’s caliber to lead ANATOMY_IT. into its next […]